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Estimates are that around seventy- five million cars were produced during these years, more than forty million of them during the Sixties. Half of that number came from UK factories, the rest coming from Western Europe, particularly West Germany, France and Italy

Owning a car in the pre-war years was a privilege usually reserved for the middle class and upwards, although with the increasing prosperity of the immediate pre-war years and onwards, owning a private car became increasingly common -thanks to the advent of mass-production, which brought prices down.

Constant advances in technology meant that cars were improving all the time in terms of appearance and performance.

By the beginning of the Sixties, the UK and European car industries were riding on the crest of a wave of success that,at the time, seemed would last forever.

Almost tragically these buoyant times failed to last little more than a decade, and by the Seventies, the UK car industry was mainly in ruin.

The Golden Age for the UK car industry was over almost as soon as it had begun- not due to a lack of demand- which never faltered - but to the complete failure of the UK car giants to keep pace with the strong competition comimg from the Far East and Western Europe, while the huge British conglomerates wallowed in a sickbed of sub-standard management and constant labour disputes.


Relative to the millions of cars produced in the UK and Western Europe during the Fifties and Sixties, very few survived, with most of them stored in old buildings and lockups, largely forgotten.


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